Take a peek inside...



Follyfoot Treehouse is a humble place of seclusion and quiet, where weary travellers come to rest, relax, reconnect and rejuvenate. 

Set in a beautiful bushy retreat that seems far from the busy world outside. This special treehouse provides all of the necessities for a comfortable stay including luxe linen bedding for a peaceful sleep, an alfresco deck for coffee as you watch the yachts sway with the tide, an outdoor fire pit for roasting marshmallows and swapping stories, a well-equipped BBQ area to feed hungry bellies, a hammock for reading, a kitchenette for your brekky cook up, and a relaxing clawfoot bath for washing away the stress of the day's activities.

Follyfoot Treehouse is made for reflection both inward and outward, cups of tea under a fluffy blanket, wine by the crackling fire, reading a book on the sun-drenched daybed or ocean air walks along the harbourside, nature pathways, and beyond.


Follyfoot Treehouse is decorated with whimsical treasures full of stories and history. This cozy abode is sure to intrigue and delight all who seek shelter within her timber walls. 

The perfect base for the adventurous traveler seeking a humble and authentic experience in the heart of Hobart city. 

Slow down and step into a dream.  

~Follow your folly~

PLEASE NOTE: If you require run-of-the-mill accommodation with modern conveniences, then perhaps Follyfoot Treehouse is not the right place for you.

Due to the bespoke timber construction, age and charm, not all elements are perfectly aligned. Some doors catch, a few windows won't open fully, spiders use the windows to craft their homes and the floor creaks in places. We love these imperfect quirks, but please consider this when booking Follyfoot Treehouse.


Due to its delicate nature, many steps, and unsecured verandahs, Follyfoot is not suitable for children or pets, and those with mobility requirements may find it difficult to navigate.