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Copy of Follyfoot Treehouse.png

~Follow your folly~

-42.8698 | 147.3618

Brew a tea, soak in the sunshine, admire the view and explore all the island has to offer. 

A unique treehouse surrounded by tranquil botanicals and rose bushes, nestled in the heart of hobart's historical harbour. 


Follyfoot Treehouse is a bespoke accommodation experience in the heart of Hobart city. A convenient city locale that feels a million miles away due to its beautiful surroundings and private location.


Exhale as the day's stress leaves your body as you submerge under the steamy water of the claw foot bath and watch the surrounding foliage for birdlife. 

Brew a cup of tea and watch the yachts swing gently with the tide, and imagine all the tales those sails have seen.  


Cozy up with a wine and a blanket on the expansive veranda and listen to the faint sounds of the city mixed with bird calls. 

The perfect blend of nature and city melded together in this purpose-built treehouse made of timber and decorated with trinkets imbued with stories. 

Follyfoot Treehouse is an experience designed to help you reconnect with yourself, release the day's tension and experience an accommodation unlike any other. 

Turn off and tune in to the serene surroundings. You will never want to leave. 

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